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36ONE SNN QI Hedge Fund

The 36ONE SNN QI Hedge Fund is a single-strategy, equity long/short hedge fund with a moderate net equity bias that invests predominantly in South African listed equities and other financial instruments to enhance returns and manage risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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 36ONE SNN QI Hedge Fund36ONE SNN Retail Hedge Fund
Fund currencySouth African RandSouth African Rand
MandateEquity long/short hedge fund with South African focusEquity long/short hedge fund with South African focus
DomicileSouth AfricaSouth Africa
Legal structureFSCA regulated unit trustFSCA regulated unit trust
Prime brokerPeregrine SecuritiesPeregrine Securities
AdministratorSanne Management CompanySanne Management Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Control  accordionWhat is the total cost of investing in the 36ONE SNN QI Hedge Fund?

Fees (excluding VAT):

Management fee: 1% p.a.

Performance fee: 20% of gains using the high watermark

Control  accordionWhat is the cut-off date for investment in the 36ONE SNN QI Hedge Fund?

Last business day of the month prior to the investment month.

Control  accordionWhat is the redemption notice period for the 36ONE SNN QI Hedge Fund?

One calendar month's notice.

Control  accordionWhen do I receive redemption proceeds?

Approximately 7 days after the end of the redemption notice period.

Control  accordionWhen do I receive statements for my investment in the 36ONE SNN QI Hedge Fund?

Approximately 7 days after month end.


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