A wealth of

The founders of 36ONE have been growing client wealth for over 20 years.

A wealth of

We are not afraid of challenging conventional wisdom in pursuit of investment returns.

A wealth of

Our independence and nimble size allow us to take advantage of investment opportunities that are beyond the reach of traditional fund managers.

A wealth of

Our analysts and portfolio managers all hold rigorous academic and professional qualifications.

A wealth of

Our long-term clients have enjoyed exceptional inflation-adjusted growth on their investments.

Our Products

Unit Trusts

Our unit trusts offer a convenient way to invest in the South African equity market.

Hedge Funds (ZAR)

Our equity long/short hedge funds invest predominantly in the South African equity market.

Why Invest With Us?

Why Invest With Us?

  • Award-winning Performance
  • Hand-picked Team
  • Independent
  • Owner Managed

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Individual Investors

Grow your wealth by investing in our range of hedge funds and unit trusts

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Institutional Investors

We offer a range of hedge funds, unit trusts and segregated portfolios to meet the requirements of institutional investors

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What Makes Us 36ONE

We believe 1 degree of difference exceeds all expectations, where only the extraordinary is acceptable.