Logo Evolution

The newly evolved logo has been developed to lead the business into the next era of its life. Logos, over time, become invested with meaning and therefore an evolutionary (rather than a revolutionary) design strategy was intentionally applied in the creation of the new brand mark in order to sustain the brand equity that the business has harnessed over the past fifteen years.

From a graphic architectural perspective, the forms of the numerals and letters which make up the logo have been modernised and simplified in order to convey a narrative that 36ONE Asset Management is a business that is not only contemporary in its aesthetic, but also forward thinking in its approach to business.

The numeral forms have been crafted to reflect a more connective language through their circularity. The perfectly round centre circle (as opposed to the previous oval circle) draws the eye to the middle of the brand mark, prefacing the beginning of the word “ONE”, thus highlighting the brands unique differentiator of going the extra degree.

From a colour range perspective, red has been kept as the primary brand colour in order to retain recognition. The primary red colour has evolved to reflect a deeper shade of red in order to communicate a sense of progressive sophistication. The introduction of a dark rich grey and a light warm grey creates a softer contrast against the red. These three colours complement each other and create a balanced harmony when composed together.

The words in subscript (“THREE SIX ONE”) have been removed in order to ensure that the “ONE” in the logo is underpinned by the brand descriptor and to create immediate identification in terms of what industry the business operates in (“Asset Management”) and at a size that is more easily legible.

The new logo is modern, sophisticated and progressive.
It’s a new look, with a DEGREE of Difference.